Reloadable Services

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Fri Sep 28 18:05:19 EDT 2018


When you call the reload, you want to use the service ID, not the bean
name.  (shibboleth.NameIdentifierGenerationService)

You can reload saml-nameid.xml dynamically, but depending on what you're
trying to accomplish, it may depend on other things that aren't dynamically
reloaded.  I would try a dynamic reload using the service ID, see if you
get errors/expected behavior, then restart if necessary.

Hope this helps,

On Fri, Sep 28, 2018 at 9:58 PM, Lille M <lillemacdoe at> wrote:

> Is 'saml-nameid.xml' a reloadable service --
> confluence/display/IDP30/ReloadableServices?
> I thought it could be via shibboleth.NameIdentifierGenerationResources?
> But received an error message.
> From 'services.xml':
> <util:list id ="shibboleth.NameIdentifierGenerationResources">
>         <value>%{idp.home}/conf/saml-nameid.xml</value>
>         <value>%{idp.home}/system/conf/saml-nameid-system.xml</value>
>     </util:list>
> I have to make an update to the file  -- can I just update in the tomcat
> without restarting tomcat?
> Thanks.
> (rant: dealing with an extremely annoying non-standard vendor whom I
> rather not name)
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