How to Choose between two authentication methods

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> How can I translate this authentication page in the new version ?

Stephen is largely correct, it's almost always best to just do it with the MFA flow, but you will have to get somewhat familiar with Spring (this is necessary no matter what, the IdP is unusable without that knowledge), how to use views a bit, some Spring Web Flow, and probably some scripting, plus some of the conventions used by the IdP.

There is a supported feature in the Password flow referring to Calling Extended Flows that is documented and explains how to explicitly trigger another login flow from the Password flow (and the form). X.509 is one of the main use cases for it. It's not deprecated, but it's less flexible than the MFA flow is. Somewhat easier to use perhaps, but it's not all that much easier and kind of confusing to set up because of some of the weird tricks you have to play on the system to get it to run the Password flow first.

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