Configuring the SP for sites with multiple IIS bindings

Wessel, Keith kwessel at
Thu Sep 27 10:55:55 EDT 2018

Hi, all,

We've got an SP admin who's having problems with an IIS site that has multiple bindings (IIS bindings, that is) all protected by Shib. The site is running a multihome CMS configured to serve different content depending on the hostname used to access it, all under a single IIS site. The SP seems to be requesting responses be sent to the primary hostname of the site and returning the user to a page on the primary hostname regardless of which hostname was used to access it initially.

I had the admin add <Alias> elements to his site element:

            <Site id="2" name="" scheme="https" port="443">

And the corresponding request map:

            <Host name="">
                <Path name="cms/login" requireSession="true" authType="shibboleth" />
            <Host name="">
                <Path name="cms/login" requireSession="true" authType="shibboleth" />

But still, a user visiting gets sent to the IdP and returned to instead.

Are we missing something?


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