idp 3.x CAS context

Mathis, Bradley bmathis at
Wed Sep 26 18:20:09 EDT 2018

Is there a way to change or make an "alias" ...(I know that's probably not
the right terminology) for the default CAS context path?    Currently to
configure an application to use CAS on our idp server we have to set the
path to "/idp/profile/cas/" ...but most of the apps I use normally default
to "/cas".  ..Plus when we put this in production I'm going to have to put
a rewrite rule on our Load Balancer to rewrite  /cas  to /idp/profile/cas
for some apps's not ideal but not we may not be able to get all
context paths for the connect apps to be switched at the same time.

Anyway is there  a way that's to do this?   (that's hopefully not too

Brad Mathis
Principal Systems Analyst
Pima Community College
IT - Technical Services
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