Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Sep 26 09:41:03 EDT 2018

> Sorry, I have been trying few days and lost with my newness.

I understand, but there are limits on both what can get documented and on what support is available from me for free to non-members.

> To replicate expiring password (without needing interval cookies),

If you don't like the interval, just set it to something really short so that the cookie ends up being ignored, it seems like that's good enough for most purposes. I doubt you really mean you just want that difference, but I'm just responding to what you literally are saying there. I'm sure there might be a bit of an issue getting across what it is you're really trying to do that's different.

> eptConfiguration. How to get started with this extension development? Or
> maybe can let me know an extension with closest.

Obviously the thing that's virtually exactly what you asked about is the closest example.

The ProfileInterceptConfiguration topic links to the extension documentation that exists on developing interceptor flows but it is impossible to just ignore the huge learning curve.

I have posted all I have time for into the wiki on how to develop this kind of thing, and there is a bit of material also about the basics of installing custom webflows there also. For members using the official support mechanism, I go farther with debugging assistance.

-- Scott

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