Shibboleth 3 and CAS integration

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I haven't used it personally, and don't know what the community disposition is on it lately, but there's a version of Unicon's shib-cas-auth plugin available for IdPv3 here:


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Subject: Shibboleth 3 and CAS integration

We are currently running CAS and Shibboleth 2 in production. Shibboleth2 is
configured to use our CAS front end login page for users to authenticate. We
are in the middle of upgrading to Shib 3. We have tested our attribute
releases against testshib and things look to work as expected. What we can
not figure out is how to replicate what we had before with using the CAS
signin page. This is important to use because we are trying to train our
users to not input their credentials into every site that requests them.

I think I need to use the third-party ticket service but I'm not seeing or
finding how to configure it. Is it still possible to accomplish this with
Shib 3?


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