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What’s the 404 substatus code?  Is it really a “Not Found”, or does the substatus code provide some other detail?

Steven Teixeira

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Hi All,
     Here is a quick recap of what happened and I am not sure if it will help anything.  I initially installed Shibboleth on a new server on Friday and after many restarts, the results were the HTTP 404 with the Shibboleth.sso directives.  On Saturday, I uninstalled restart the server, re-installed Shibboleth SP again and still get the same result.  I manually added the ASPI filter to my default web application which caused an HTTP 500 error.  I tried both of the filters in the /lib64 and the same result for both.  I removed the filter and my mistake was adding the new shibboleth2.xml, attribute-map and my local XML backup file for my IdP.  So it could have been them but they were the same files from the installs on Friday that I was getting the HTTP 404.  The good news is that I was able to produce my metadata.xml file to request access to our IdP.


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Hi All,
     I installed the latest version on my Windows 2012R2 server with the IIS7 option checked.  After the installed and restart, I am getting a 404 on the any of the Shibboleth.sso directives which is saying that it is not running correctly.  The logs indicate that the installation went fine and the shibd service is running.  What did I miss?

Doug Pham

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