shib SP 2.6 NativeSPSessionInitiator location defaults to /DS

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you're right , according to 

specifically discoveryURL , I can now redirect the discovery service URL to a different one from the default (declared in shibboleth2.xml) for my apache vhost 

<Location /> 
ShibRequestSetting discoveryURL 

Thanks for your help . 

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> I've created 2 applicationOverrides for 2 vhosts on apache 2.4 and shib SP 2.6 and I cannot find out how to configure a 
> specific apache Location to point to a different SessionInitiator than the default /DS ? 

It would be incredibly unlikely you would need to. If you are ever touching any of those old elements, you're going off track very quickly. The settings you want to change are all directly controllable from content settings and don't require dedicated handlers, and really don't even require overrides. 

discoveryURL specifically. 

-- Scott 

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