shib SP 2.6 NativeSPSessionInitiator location defaults to /DS

Jehan Procaccia jehan.procaccia at
Mon Sep 17 16:43:49 EDT 2018


I've created 2 applicationOverrides for 2 vhosts on apache 2.4 and shib 
SP 2.6 and I cannot find out how to configure a specific apache Location 
to point to a different SessionInitiator than the default /DS ?
in shibboleth2.xml I did declare 2 sessionInitiator (present in metadata 
as well) pointing to 2 different
SAMLDS URL (2 diffrents WAYFs)
/<SessionInitiator type="Chaining" Location="/DS" id="DS" 
isDefault="true" relayState="cookie">//
// <SessionInitiator type="SAMLDS" 
//<SessionInitiator type="Chaining" Location="/DSUPS" id="DSUPS" 
isDefault="true" relayState="cookie">//
//<SessionInitiator type="SAMLDS" 

but cannot tel from an apache Location how to point to /DSUPS for shib 
looking at 
I tried this (bold below, but commented now because it failed)
/<Directory "/var/www/app2/secure/">//
//   AllowOverride All//
//  AuthType shibboleth//
//  ShibRequireSession On//
/*/ # ShibRequireSessionWith /DSUPS/*/
//  require shibboleth//

without success , I've been redirected to /DS and not /DSGRP2

thanks for your help .

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