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> Note the red warning at the end of that section
> about mixing "Location" with "Directory" (and "File", though not
> explicitly mentioned there) directives.

And that's me paraphrasing or noting the implications of how Apache works, and probably imperfectly. This is all about section and directive type merging, and that's all Apache, the SP has no influence over it other than to make sure the merging of commands honors the meaning they're supposed to have. Refer to Apache's docs if you want to know how it works. The section on merging is, IMHO, fairly hard to understand, but our docs are not going to help that.

The note about Location is trying to explain that Location gets merged in last, after Directory/File, so anything applied at the root is often going to trump anything else, except that rules for merging Location itself are, I think, about order of sections too. Later I think will overlay earlier.

-- Scott

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