Attribute Lookup in Extension

Joshua Brodie josbrodie at
Fri Sep 14 21:20:47 EDT 2018

I am writing a Shibboleth extension where a page will be shown based on the
value of the 'memberOf' attribute (i.e. user is in member of a group in our

Is it possible to extract the value of the 'memberOf' attribute if the
DataConnector to LDAP, and the AttributeDefinition for 'memberOf' are in
attribute-resolver.xml? i.e. I don't have to build a separate LDAP
connection and 'memberOf' ldap filter lookup in the extension.

If the above is available, are there any example code to refer to? The
number of moving parts for me to learn on writing an extension is large at
this stage, anything to grasp on will be a big help.
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