SSL Certificate update

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Sep 14 11:22:08 EDT 2018

* Srinu Anumaneni <srinu.ydlp at> [2018-09-14 17:02]:
>       we have .metadata file which contains signature and certs. We got new
> federationmetadata.xml file from provider, we are consumers. How can I
> create or update .metadata file which plain text file. I knew to this
> entire concept, this one is already implemented by others. Now I have
> update signature and cert I am getting below exception with old metadata
> Caused by: org.opensaml.xml.validation.ValidationException: Signature did
> not validate against the credential's key

You failed to provide an answer for this question:

> Are you even running the Shibboleth SP software?

If you're running a supported version of the Shib SP the documentation
is here:
You'll need to find the MetadataProvider XML element in your
shibboleth2.xml file that loads the IDP whose metadata you need to


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