Shibboleth SP in front of HA-Proxy in http mode

Jakub Danek jakub.danek at
Mon Sep 10 03:33:42 EDT 2018

Actually we are going to use the http headers. It probably wasn't obvious
from the original post.

I was asking merely to confirm that the environment variables won't work in
our scenario, because Shibboleth documentation makes pretty strong point
that it is the preferred way and should be possible in most cases.

Thank you a lot for your input!

Dne po 10. 9. 2018 9:14 uživatel Nate Klingenstein <ndk at> napsal:

> Actually, it is in the Shibboleth 3.x Wiki:
> I suppose it's the sessionCache boolean that has changed from true to
> false in the default configuration.  So, the same approach would probably
> still work if you enable sessionCaching.
> But I didn't ask the obvious question: is there a reason why you're not
> just passing the attributes in HTTP headers anyway?
> It's too late at night here for me to do any more investigation, but I
> hope this gives you somewhere to start.
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