IIS installation problems

Per-Ake Dahl Ejemark perake.dahlejemark at holmedal.se
Mon Sep 3 09:23:51 EDT 2018

It's 64 bit and nothing useful is logged. All it says is that it can't load the dll. However, when I try to access the page from a browser I get an 500 Internal Server error which says Can't call GetProcAddress in file iis7_shib.dll. When I look up the dependencies for  iis7_shib.dll GetProcAddress is there. 


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> Any suggestions on what can be wrong?

Nothing off the top of my head, I didn't actually know that you could install IIS into Windows 10 (but I guess that the developer tools let you).

Anything in the event log?  IIS is a bit odd about where it logs things.

32bit or 64 ?


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