Anybody use the SP with Apache's "event" MPM?

Etienne Dysli Metref etienne.dysli-metref at
Thu Nov 29 02:04:04 EST 2018

On 28/11/2018 23:31, Peter Schober wrote:
> * Cantor, Scott <cantor.2 at> [2018-11-28 22:14]:
>> Red Hat 8 beta is out and they've moved Apache to the event MPM by
>> default.
> I think Debian did the same a few years back.

The Debian machine I test backported SP packages on does use the event
MPM, but nothing beside monitoring is exercising that SP.

Otherwise, I think pretty much all our SPs on RHEL7 use the prefork MPM
(I know... 8-/) either because it's the default and no one bothered to
change or because of PHP.


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