change of response URL

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Nov 22 18:08:33 EST 2018

* Rohit Shinde <rohit at> [2018-11-22 20:35]:
> Could not able to get variables from headers.

But you see them when accessing the session handler?
(I know you see them there because you included an example output in
an earlier email, but do you not see the headers even if the handler
shows them?)

> Clicking on mydomain/secure should open id’s login for first? If
> yes, it does not happens to me.

you get to:

(Assuming you're even running the SP v3, you didn't say, AFAIR.)

You'll note that there's no section for Nginx.
I guess there's not sufficient experience with that.

The Github project for the Shib Nginx stuff may be another place to

> Because it tries to find /secure route in rails app. I am opening
> id’s login page by calling mydomain/shibboleth.sso/Login link. Is
> this normal or any problem here?

There's a problem. The request shouldn't even reach Rails unless a
session existed and authorisation passed.


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