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Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Nov 22 06:48:21 EST 2018

* Rohit Shinde <rohit at> [2018-11-22 12:30]:
> Rails is running on puma.

Then you *cannot* access environment variables set by Shibboleth in
Ruby code as envvars cannot travel over HTTP.

As I already explained, your options now are to either switch to using
HTTP Request Headers (instead of environment variables) which is less
secure, or restructure your deployment.
(The latter in this case means you'd have to replace Puma with either
Passenger/mod_rack or uwsgi.)

> Ruby-saml gem is installed and it was tested successfully with one-login shibboleth app.

I don't know what the "one-login shibboleth app" is, but more
importantly that doesn't answer the question why you're using
Shibboleth (and asking on this list) if you already have ruby-saml
There's no need and no reason to ever use both on the same server.

Use one *or* the other.
Scott has already told you this.

I hope this has cleared up everything now.

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