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Peter Schober peter.schober at
Wed Nov 21 17:37:21 EST 2018

* Peter Schober <peter.schober at> [2018-11-21 23:29]:
> As for restructuring, there are many possibilities, e.g.:
> * Run Rails from httpd and get rid of Nginx completely
>   (mod_rails aka Phusion Passenger)

>From the three given alternatives to using HTTP Request Headers this
is probably the easiest one to deploy, I think.

> * Run Rails within an application server such as UWSGI and connect
>   httpd to that via mod_proxy_uwsgi.

I should be more explicit in that you'd remove Nginx here, too, but
instead add in a uwsgi server (which is a great piece of software but
has a higher learning curve in itself than anything you've tried here
so far, I fear).

> * Try to get the Shib SP running with Nginx and keep Rails behind
>   Nginx.

And in this variant you'd remove Apache httpd completely.
But the Shibboleth integration with Nginx is difficult and possibly
not well implemented.
(And likely you'll be proxying from Nginx to another web server via
HTTP anyway here, too? So you'd probably still be HTTP proxying and
couldn't make use of environment variables.)

Just to be a bit more clear on the implications.

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