HOW to setup URL Redirect for accessing a Linux server?

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Wed Nov 21 04:17:51 EST 2018


Thank you very much.

Well noted for the upgrade of the Shibboleth version. Thank you.

Your guess is correct. 

However, we have already setup the IDP in the Linux platform, my boss also
tested for the SP server which installed in Linux. He gets some reverse
proxy setting for redirect to other applications which run on Linux, one is
moodle and another one is a self developed program running on Linux too.

Then he asks me to test the SP server in Windows platform, as a result, I
have to setup a reverse proxy to protect non-iis applications which are not
running in the same server as the SP. WindowsGuide.pdf
I refer to the appendix A to set the reverse proxy according to the attached
pdf, I can make it according to the pdf, but the example is not for redirect
to url / server not in the local computer.

So I have my question in how to setup url redirect for accessing a Linux

Thank you.


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