Experiences / Standars with academic info in SAML

Peter Schober peter.schober at univie.ac.at
Tue Nov 13 05:19:07 EST 2018

* Manolo Garcia Alvarez <mgarciaal at uoc.edu> [2018-11-12 16:30]:
> Are there any experiences on sending acamedic information in the
> SAML response? And if so, are there any standards I should respect?

Hm, there is/was eduCourse. And pretty much anything can be expressed
with (inherently structured) eduPersonEntitlements.

I also faintly recall a mapping excercise (?) for some IMS Global
Learning Consortium data/specs from Internet2 or EDUCAUSE?
I don't think this went anywhere:
but there's also

So probably more can be found in the MACE-Dir space.

I'm pretty sure the European Student Mobility folks also have
developed something here. Anyone?


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