Shibboleth.sso/Status gives 404

Per-Ake Dahl Ejemark perake.dahlejemark at
Fri Nov 9 09:53:29 EST 2018

Hi again!

I’ve solved it and it’s the experience that’s lacking as usual.

My site was living in a directory directly in inetpub and not in inetpub\wwwroot. As soon as I moved the site into wwwroot it started to work 😊

I’m curious, why is it design this way?


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I use IIS 10 (Yes I know it SUCKS) but it’s not my call so I’m stuck with it ☹

I’ve managed to make my site work in IIS Express on my developer machine. Then I happily started to do a test installation in the PROD environment. It didn’t go well.
Shibboleth SP3 is installed and as far as I can see the iis_shibd7 is running. I can get it to try and talk to the IdP I’m using. (Testshib for now) BUT it does not work. Testshib tells me that something is wrong with my config and yes it is.
I tried to run localhost/Shibboleth.sso/Status and got a 404. I’ve raised the logging level to debug and looked at the info in the native log but everything seemed fine when I compared it to  my working installation.
I’ve looked at the permissions for the opt directory and it seemed fine. Just to be sure I temporarily gave Everyone  all permissions and it didn’t do anything at all.

I’m open for suggestions because I’m running out of ideas myself.

Best regards/ Med Vänliga Hälsningar
Per-Åke Dahl Ejemark
System Developer


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