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Wed Nov 7 18:42:18 EST 2018

That helps so much. My search foo was not the best. Thanks for the link.

The SP, I am testing with has in it's metadata '<mdui:DisplayName xml:lang=
"en">Name</mdui:DisplayName>'; it's defaulting to '
<li>$encoder.encodeForHTML($sp)</li>' in the final 'else' clause.

Where could I troubleshoot on why '#if ($rpUIContext and
$rpUIContext.getServiceName())' is not entered?

#foreach ($sp in $logoutContext.getSessionMap().keySet())

                    #set ($rpCtx =

                    #if ($rpCtx)

                      #set ($rpUIContext =


                    #if ($rpUIContext and $rpUIContext.getServiceName())






On Wed, 7 Nov 2018 at 14:07, rdw at steadingsoftware.com <
rdw at steadingsoftware.com> wrote:

> In logout.vm, where is '$rpUIContext.getServiceName()' derived from?  Is
> it from the SP's metadata ---  '
> <mdui:DisplayName xml:lang="en">Name</mdui:DisplayName>'?
> Kinda.
> This link explains it in grubby detail
> https://wiki.shibboleth.net/confluence/display/IDP30/RpUIContext#RpUIContext-$rpUIContext.serviceName
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