Using value maps for RBAC

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Thanks Peter,

The fine documentation provides the following example:

<AttributeDefinition id="mapped" xsi:type="Mapped">
    <InputAttributeDefinition ref="uid" />
    <DefaultValue passThru="true"/>
        <SourceValue partialMatch="true">fred</SourceValue>
        <SourceValue ignoreCase="true">Ignore.+Case.+When.+Comparing</SourceValue>
    <AttributeEncoder xsi:type="SAML2String" name="" friendlyName="Mapped" encodeType="false" />

but my question was:
Is there a way to use multiple source attributes in a value map?  not multiple source values

Robert Duncan

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* Robert Duncan <Robert.Duncan at> [2018-11-07 12:05]:
> Is there a way to use multiple source attributes in a value map?


> I want to map roles to departments but I also want to map certain
> individuals to special roles,

You can also have multiple ValueMap elements within the same Mapped

The fine documentation covers all of that, cf. "Cardinality":
(Easily found by entering "Mapped" in the search filed in the upper right.)

The example below also demonstrates that.

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