shibboleth SP generating two values for attributes from azure

Sean Flannery sean.flannery at
Mon Nov 5 14:34:27 EST 2018


We have shibboleth SP that we have recently pointed to azure-as-idp and its working fine for authentication but, for every claim coming back from Azure, say "email", Shibboleth SP (3.0.1) seems to be double-setting the value, ex:

"email: sean at; sean at"

When I trace the logs however, the IDP (azure) is only sending a single value:

<Attribute Name="">

  <AttributeValue>sean at</AttributeValue>


Additionally, when I look in the shib looks it seems to know its only one value when it decodes it:

2018-11-05 19:14:33|Shibboleth-TRANSACTION|Cached the following attributes with session (ID: _b3f8ea8e8f86df25b6af513ebc2f142d) for (applicationId: default) {
2018-11-05 19:14:33|Shibboleth-TRANSACTION| email (1 values)

And, for some attributes that need to be reformatted, we use the Template attribute resolver plugin and, for those attributes- it's only a single value, ex:

this:   <AttributeResolver type="Template" sources="email" dest="primary-mail">
gives the single attribute value: sean at

So it's only the 'unchanged' attributes that come directly from Azure that seem to have duplicate values

I have not seen this before. Any suggestions? Perhaps I'm making a simple error in the attribute resolver config, but everything looks correct and comparable to past deploys (though, again, this is the first time with azure).

Thanks for your time.


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