unrestricted access for specific domain

Martin Demko 325073 at mail.muni.cz
Fri Nov 2 07:00:48 EDT 2018

Dear list,
I use shibboleth for authentication to our Galaxy server and to be able to
visualize the data on external UCSC server the configuration needs to have
open access to that specific domain (or few servers), I have found how to make
unrestricted path:

<RequestMapper type="XML"> 
        <Host name="our.galaxy.server"
                redirectToSSL="443" >
          <Path name="display_application" requireSession="false" redirectToSSL="443" />

But I wasn't successful when looking for the way how to limit it only to
some domains. I found the Shibboleth quite complicated and honestly don't
actually know what it is going behind, I use it only because I need to and
because I have found some guide on how to configure it. Can somebody help me,

Thank you in advance,

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