Why is Password flow selecting Basic Authentication

Robert Duncan Robert.Duncan at ncirl.ie
Thu Mar 29 10:48:35 EDT 2018

Thanks Scott,

The problem was actually in my login.vm - I used the extended  password login flow to conditionally activate SPNEGO for particular subnets, this was working well both as login flow and the button being activated by login.vm - however looking back at the logs even when I was attempting password log in, it was failing (Basic) and switching automatically to SPNEGO, ECP location was protected by ldap and not at all related.

Replacing my login.vm with the default file resolved the BasicAuthentication attempts
I followed the guide here


#foreach ($extFlow in $extendedAuthenticationFlows)
  #if ($authenticationContext.isAcceptable($extFlow) and $extFlow.apply(profileRequestContext))
    #if ($extFlow.getId() == 'authn/SPNEGO')
    <div class="form-element-wrapper">
      <div class="form-element-wrapper">
        <input type="checkbox" name="_shib_idp_SPNEGO_enable_autologin" value="true"> #springMessageText("idp.login.spnego.enable_autologin", "Enable auto-login")
      <button class="form-element form-button" type="submit" name="_eventId_$extFlow.getId()">
        #springMessageText("idp.login.$extFlow.getId().replace('authn/','')", $extFlow.getId().replace('authn/',''))

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> What would cause my idp 3.2 to default to basic authentication for all SP's?

The Password login flow always supports basic authentication if it sees the header and will never challenge the client itself, which is why there is no reason to do what you're doing unless you have an ECP client that doesn't just volunteer the credentials.

> 2018-03-29 09:30:57,303 - DEBUG
> [net.shibboleth.idp.authn.impl.ExtractUsernamePasswordFromBasicAuth:11
> 5] - Profile Action ExtractUsernamePasswordFromBasicAuth: No
> appropriate Authorization header found

DEBUG is not ERROR. There's nothing wrong there.

> I have since disabled the Apache location for ECP - shouldn't really
> matter, looks like Shib is selecting remote user from the container as
> the authentication flow?

Not if you don't enable that login flow.

-- Scott

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