Login Page/Flow Timeout?

Dan Malone dmalone at calpoly.edu
Thu Mar 22 11:20:32 EDT 2018

We are trying to understand and possibly handle this scenario better:

User is successfully authenticated to an SP and is working all morning.
Lunch comes along and the user locks their workstation, remaining logged into the SP.
Sometime during lunch, the SP times out and attempts to re-authenticate by redirecting to the IDP.
The IDP has also timed out, so displays the login page...
...The user returns from lunch, enters their credentials on the displayed login page, and gets a NoSuchFlowExecutionException error.
We are assuming this is happening because the IDP can not wait forever and has passed some timeout.

The idea we have to prevent that error is to remove/hide the login form after that timeout using javascript in login.vm.
What is the timeout value or parameter that controls the timeout?
We are being asked to provide a link to the SP that was requesting authentication. Does this page have that type of information available?

Any other thoughts on how to address this?

Dan Malone
Lead Identity Management Architect
Information Technology Services
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, California

Direct 805-756-6326
dmalone at calpoly.edu
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