Merge two attributes in Shibboleth v3

panosx13 panosx13 panosx13 at
Sat Mar 17 08:34:58 EDT 2018

Hello, I want to advertise an attribute that will be generated from a
static attribute and and an LDAP attribute.
Actually I want to advertise the schacPersonalUniqueCode which has to be
like that:
where the 12345678 is the uid of each user.
So I thought to create a temp static attribute lets say
schacPersonalUniqueCodeTemp that will have the value
and then to create the combined attribute schacPersonalUniqueCode which
will be from the static attribute schacPersonalUniqueCodeTemp and the ldap
attribute uid.

Is that possible in Shibboleth v3 and if yes how I can make it .

Thanks in advance.
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