Unable to decode incoming request

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue Mar 13 16:05:55 EDT 2018

> forum).  I've tried adding the SSO endpoint
> https://example.bucknell.edu/cas/login, but that has the same result.

That is not a SAML endpoint, that's CAS.

>  Usually,
> I can find the endpoint in the AuthnReq in the debug logs, but not in this case.
> It's just "can't decode, end".  Is there any way I can determine what the
> endpoint is so that I can add it to their metadata so that my IdP decodes the
> request and generates a SAML Response?

You do not want to. They need to use the SAML 2 endpoint, that's it.

-- Scott

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