Cannot start AttributeResolverService because of an error when creating bean [org.ldaptive.DefaultConnectionFactory]

cpoirier at cpoirier at
Tue Mar 13 15:27:08 EDT 2018

I've got simply errors in my configuration and did not set the good logging
info to where to come from my errors.
When I applied {full} instead of {short} in IDP_PROCESS and IDP_WARN
appender in the logback.xml I found every configuration error.
<charset>UTF-8</charset>            <!--
<Pattern>%date{ISO8601} - %level [%logger:%line] -
%msg%n%ex{short}</Pattern> -->			<Pattern>%date{ISO8601} -
%level [%logger:%line] - %msg%n%ex{full}</Pattern>       

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