SP transaction logging to console

Scott Koranda skoranda at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 14:55:49 EDT 2018


> I believe it's because the Apache permission problems led to a
> workaround that has a lot of ugly side effects. The shibd.logger file
> is used initially regardless of what's in the configuration and that
> probably is establishing the behavior of the category before anything
> else can do it.
> If you want to control the logging globally, set SHIBSP_LOGGING to the
> logging configuration to use for everything before running anything.

I set SHIBSP_LOGGING and verified that it was pointing at a file that I
was editing and that file was in effect, but there was no change. I was
still not able to have the transaction log entries show up in the

(But see below)

> Alternative it may work to pull out the references to the transaction
> category from shibd.logger

That also did not help. Removing all references to the
Shibboleth-TRANSACTION category from the logging configuration file in
effect also did not make the lines appear on the console.

I have found, however, that setting

log4j.rootCategory=DEBUG, console

will make the Shibboleth-TRANSACTION category log to the console at

Unfortunately it has the side effect of logging other things at DEBUG

Shall I file a JIRA?


Scott K

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