mac check in GCM failed Errors

Ullfig, Roberto Alfredo rullfig at
Mon Mar 12 08:48:39 EDT 2018

We run in an active/standby mode where we have two servers identically configured except for IP address/mac address/hostname and a CNAME pointing to one of them. We did a CNAME switch on Friday and started getting these errors:

2018-03-12 00:00:31,541 - ERROR [] - [9DD6049BF306DE2D9C1DA41E4700327D] - [] - Exception unwrapping data
org.bouncycastle.crypto.InvalidCipherTextException: mac check in GCM failed

It appears related to the two sealer files in credentials and I believe I should have just copied these two files over to the standby server before doing the CNAME switch. I expected the errors to go away over the weekend but I still see them. Are the IDP sessions supposed to last that long? Copying over the files would probably make the matter worse now. Any ideas on how to proceed? Thanks!

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IT Technical Associate
Enterprise Architecture and Development | ACCC
University of Illinois - Chicago

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