IdP3 - Error message event flow override

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Wed Mar 7 11:17:46 EST 2018

 > > I am detecting and mapping error codes in IDP3 password-authn-config.xml.
> > We now need to modify one of the scenarios to simply redirect the user
> > to an external URL for a password change. Can someone provide an
> > example of how this could be overridden in the most simple way possible:

Oh, you mean the actual mechanics of a flow to do that. I can't spend the time doing an example of that for free, sorry. The non-example answer is that you need to read the docs, look at the conditions flow machinery that's provided, one of which is an empty flow handling the ExpiredPassword event, and learn enough Spring Web Flow to understand how external redirects work. An example of that in an unrelated scenario is the external authentication flow.

One of the challenges is getting the original conversation/flow to terminate gracefully and free up resources. I don't know that any kind of external redirect can deal with that very easily. Probably the URL on the other side would need to embed a hidden frame to do a callback to the original flow excecution URL to get it to terminate properly. It's not simple stuff.

-- Scott

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