idp.loglevel.idp DEBUG in production - 100% CPU usage

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Tue Mar 6 14:02:53 EST 2018

> Under v3.3.2 when I set idp.loglevel.idp to DEBUG in logback.xml (on a
> production server with about 84k sessions per day) and reload the
> configuration the cpu usage for the java process immediately spikes from
> ~5% to 100% and the whole framework collapses with timeouts to AJP, etc... I
> don't recall this behavior under v2. Enabling DEBUG in production is rare but
> is sometimes needed. None of the other Logging Level shortcuts have this
> effect. Should I report this as a bug and if so where?

You can report it, but I doubt we have any way to fix it, and it wouldn't be any sort of priority. Of course it would probably depend on what exactly was being logged and whether categories that are unavoidably noisy and not ours are actually being logged, such as anything to do with Spring. The most lengthy logging I know of is the filter configuration.

I believe you should be using the async appender we include by default if you're going to try that.

-- Scott

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