Disable replay policy for one relying party

Howes, Nick N.Howes at warwick.ac.uk
Tue Mar 6 10:45:35 EST 2018

Thanks Scott - your explanation makes sense. In the end we've managed to teach the loadbalancer to fix the root issue in ADFS, so the browser will only make the one request.


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> Ideally ADFS would send better cache headers but am looking into this in
> case that's not possible, since its AuthnRequest isn't signed so I don't think
> there's any danger in allowing a replayed request.

It's not about danger, it's about trapping somebody that hits the back button into artifically repeating a login, which I consider the worst possible outcome.

There is no exposed support for it. Various undocumented changes to the system can do it, but nothing supported and definitely nothing per-RP.

-- Scott

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