CentOS/RHEL packages for - Shibboleth Service Provider Security Advisory [27 February 2018]

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Mon Mar 5 12:31:13 EST 2018

> I didn't mean to imply this was the Shibboleth project's fault.  Just that I'm
> having problems, curious if anyone else is, and if is there a good work around,
> which there is.  (And I would have seen if I had downloaded a fresh copy of the
> repo config.)

I wouldn't call it a good one, but it's the only one that exists until we have a different means of distributing packages.

> One suggestion might be to have an RPM in the repo for configuring the repo.  I
> know it sounds strange, but then on say scripted installs, I can just install that
> one package with a direct URL that configures the repo.

I doubt that's possible with the OBS, but I really don't know.

-- Scott

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