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Thomas Colin de Verdière tdeverdiere at
Mon Mar 5 05:23:02 EST 2018

Hello all,

We are using PWM a self password / registering application. It is connected
with OpenLDAP. Shibboleth is the Idp and is connected to the same OpenLDAP.
We are developping an SP : a portal application with Java Spring / SAML.

I added to the Shibboleth login page a link 'New user'. It allows the user
to register a new account on PWM application. At the end of this
registering process on PWM, the user is authenticated on PWM and he is
redirected to the portal (SP). And the portal begins the SAML
authentication process with the Idp. So the user is redirected to the
Shibboleth login page, where he has to type his login and password once

Is there a way that once the user is authenticated on PWM, it is
authenticated on Shibboleth ?
And if there is a way to do it, is it simple or complex ?

The idp and pwm webapps may be on the same http domain so it may be
possible to share a cookie. Is the "External login flow" a way to do it, so
PWM will do the authentication instead of Shibboleth ?

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