xmltooling patches for 2.5 versions?

Joseph Fischetti Joseph.Fischetti at marist.edu
Thu Mar 1 11:02:33 EST 2018

For clarification, the notice sent out on the 27th read:

- Upgrade to V1.6.4 or later of the XMLTooling-C library and restart the
affected processes (shibd, Apache, etc.)

- Linux installations relying on official RPM packages can upgrade to
the latest package versions to obtain the fix.
I have SP's on both rhel 7.4 and SLES12SP2.  The RHEL servers have the latest shibboleth package (2.6.1-3.1), but when I check for the xmltooling library, I see version 1.6.3:

Is it "Upgrade to V1.6.4 AND The latest RPM packages?" or "Upgrade to V1.6.4 OR the latest RPM packages [that already include a fix]"?

Is building from source the only option for the SLES machines?  SUSE has V2.5.5 in their repo's; when I try the official repo they're only available as source packages.

Joseph Fischetti  
Linux System Administrator  
Marist College  

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> My apologies. For some reason I thought the xmltooling was from the
> shibboleth project. Someone else set me straight! Sorry for the noise.

I didn't say we didn't own the code, I said there isn't any chance we would ever produce an update for an unsupported version. That's what "unsupported" means. I qualified "from the project" because Debian has backported versions of that branch that are maintained by those packagers. So there is likely *a* maintained 2.5 branch, but it isn't from us.

-- Scott

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