supplied TrustEngine failed to validate SSL/TLS server certificate - while validating the saml response send by idp to SP

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Fri Jul 27 06:48:13 EDT 2018

* anuptiwary < at> [2018-07-27 11:52]:
> Yes, you are correct Peter. The problem here is SP in not receiving any
> attribute parameter sent by idp.
> I have verified the information by accessing below url -
> /http://localhost/Shibboleth.sso/Session/ where no attributes value(s)
> found.
> How to approach towards this?

1. Use the documentation
2. Use your log files
3. Ask specific questions if you don't understand the documentation

First you'll have to make sure your IDP is sending attributes.
(Use the IDP log files to determine that, and the IDP documentation

> I am currently using idp - v2.4.5 which generates idp.crt(Public Key)
> idp.key(Private key) idp.jks while installation.

Yes, as expected. That's obsolete. For over two years now, I think.
You may as well start from scratch using current, supported software.

(IDP v3.4 is around the corner, with IDP v4.0 possibly following soon.)

> Please suggest the version if it is not supported.

If you can find the software to download and install it, you can also
find the clear statements everywhere that IDP v2 is old and unsupported.
(For over two years now, I think.)

Deploying an SSO system (like other security software) is a highly
technical endeavor.  Being able to find the documentation and
statements about what versions/releases are supported is so low on the
scale of things required it hurts to spell this out:


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