Does SP3 not sign authn requests by default?

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Thu Jul 26 10:31:14 EDT 2018

Agreed that they got unlucky. I have no idea why they turned it on in the SSO element. I don't recall suggesting that to them, and they didn't recall when or why they they did it that way or even that they did it. Granted, they were the ones who came to me asking me to enable skipping endpoint validation for their SP.

At any rate, thanks.


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> Shall I file this as a bug and let you decide if it's worth fixing? If 
> it's not fixed, it's probably worth documenting at the least for any 
> unsuspecting folks who could prevent a service interruption if they know about it ahead of time.

I filed it. In practice, documenting it is not going to help a lot because people don't read that first. I thought fixing it was going to be too invasive but it appears to be isolated to one case so it's better to just fix it and move on.

I really think they just got unlucky, we've never done anything anywhere but illustrate turning on signing in the more usual way.

-- Scott

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