display error message for empty/invalid login field values

sshabbir sshabbir at bmj.com
Tue Jul 24 17:01:59 EDT 2018


It seems there is no configuration for displaying an error message, to
login.vm, when the user submits form with empty fields. How do I get error
messages to display for empty fields.

Here is some stuff I discovered along the name, not sure of relevance... 

AbstractUsernamePasswordValidationAction seems to return the "NoCredentials"
eventId, and it is not picked up by ClassifiedMessageMap in

$authenticationErrorContext does not initialize for such errors.

The only way I can get any default message to display is 

#set ($evContext =

however, that appears on initial page load.

Trying to create a sub-flow, in conditions/conditions-flow.xml, as below
gives me flow error

<transition on="NoCredentials" to="CallNoCredentials" />  

    <subflow-state id="CallNoCredentials"
        <input name="calledAsSubflow" value="true" />
        <transition on="proceed" to="DisplayUsernamePasswordPage" />

Thanks in advance.

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