Accessing user attributes in login flow views

Jim Fox fox at
Mon Jul 23 15:35:26 EDT 2018

Please correct me if this isn't a good way.
To send a value from an MFA script to the view we do like this:

Our 'custom' Map has this entry

  <entry key="view" value-ref="shibboleth.CustomViewContext"/>

In the mfa script we do

  custom.get("view").put("duo_username", some_value);

And then use $custom.duo_username in the view.


On Mon, 23 Jul 2018, Cantor, Scott wrote:

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>> For that we do something like:
>> conversationScope = requestContext.getConversationScope();
>> conversationScope.put("duo_realuser", username); etc.
>> Then it's available later with a get.
> Right, thanks for saving me the need to dig up a sample.
> -- Scott
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