mod_shib_24 fails to load after upgrade

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Thu Jul 19 21:08:28 EDT 2018

On 7/19/18, 8:36 PM, "users on behalf of Jason Howe" <users-bounces at on behalf of jhowe at> wrote:

> I've verified that /usr/lib64/ is in place, and
> the md5sum matches to that of a working machine.   Running ldconfig
> didn't change anything.

It's not finding zlib, which would suggest the build didn't pull it in as an RPM requirement so the working machines have it and the non-working ones don't. I don't have enough understanding of RPM to know why it wouldn't have identified it as a runtime requirement but I know enough to run the queries and verify what it did so I can verify what it thinks it needs.

> These are standard Centos7.5 machines running stock Apache 2.4.  Any
> suggestions?  I'm kind of at a loss right now.

If zlib isn't there, I assume installing zlib would address it, because there's no way it could work on any box otherwise and it worked fine on mine.

-- Scott

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