A "funny" turn of events

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Tue Jul 17 12:45:21 EDT 2018

At least temporarily, the lone mirror I had to push the packages over to is not connectable at the moment. I don't know if the person involved is actually around, I think he may be on vacation so I have no ETA on fixing that if he's not reading email.

I have updated the mirror list on my end to point back to download.opensuse.org, which puts us back at the mercy of their mirrors, but the packages are there for now.

The kicker is that the SSL certificate on downloadcontent.opensuse.org expired this morning. That was the site I was pulling the package signing GPG key from in the yum files I generated, so that now fails. I've updated the repo generation script to refer back to download.opensuse.org for that key, which works, but I imagine a lot of existing repo files are going to fail with the error I got unless SUSE fixes their cert.

On the bright side, the SUSE mirrors aren't in the worst shape I've seen and I did get the install to work, so that might buy some time at least.

-- Scott

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