Firefox bug on LocalStorage (i.e.

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at
Mon Jul 16 10:01:06 EDT 2018

> If you have a trouble with Firefox 61.0/61.0.1 and with Shibboleth IdP
> configuration, it may be caused by Firefox
> bug.
> I found LocalStorage provides out of sync data (stale or empty) if:
> 1. multi processes (e10s) used
> and
> 2. cookie preference "Keep until: I close Firefox" is selected
> This will cause SLO propagation failure and stateless clustering failure.

What kind of failure? I'm not seeing anything obvious (logout aside, I can't easily test that), but I don't really know what you mean by that first point. Multiple tabs? Overlapping login conversations? I'll see if I can trigger that.

> Additionally, it is also broken in private browsing windows of Firefox, so you
> should avoid it when you have any trouble with LocalStorage.

How does this show itself exactly?

Basically what am I looking for?

-- Scott

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