Shibboleth plan for 'unspecified' type nameID

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Thu Jul 12 12:32:25 EDT 2018

* Zico <mailzico at> [2018-07-12 18:06]:
> Pardon me if I miss any doc/wiki on 'future plan of Shibboleth for
> unspecified type nameID format' but if anyone of you can just share a hint,
> will be helpful for me to request my customer to move for a proper nameID
> format ( i.e. emailAddress ) instead of unspecified type.

What is it you're missing? The recommendation from this community was
to avoid specifically asking for the "unspecified" format unless
you're OK with getting anyting at all.
I.e., if you have expectations about its content don't use unspecified.


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