[EXTERNAL] RE: "Proofpoint" integration with Shibboleth.

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Wed Jul 11 13:48:40 EDT 2018

> Thanks; unfortunately for me, no two of the integrations I've completed so
> far have been the same, so there's no "usual" for me.

I don't know what people are doing that leads them to see things in such different terms, and that I guess is why I'm not very effective at helping. To me they're almost all in about 3-4 categories. This one was in the self-setup, no key, "just give me an email address" bucket.

> Would you be willing
> to share a (redacted if necessary) screen-shot of the configuration you used?

What configuration are we talking about?

Do you mean the application page with the IdP definition? Yes, I can try and track it down when I'm done with some coding.

> That's part of what I've yet to figure out and what I'm trying to get from the
> vendor.  I think I'm good to go if I can see an example of how the settings
> look.

I kind of think you're asking about something else then, because that isn't from the vendor, you have to fill it out as with most cloud apps.

If you're looking for the SAML requirements the vendor actually *has*, due to lack of documentation, that I can go verify, I just don't recall them offhand. But I'm fairly sure it was email address only, which more or less means everything was the usual for that kind of SP, I either pulled in or mocked up some metadata, stuffed in the right NameIDFormat, released the "mail" attribute, and that was about it. The user population we had was very low, just some admins, so the email addresses causing name changes wasn't a big concern.
-- Scott

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