Shib SP and logging, or lack thereof

Tony Ennis tennis at
Wed Jul 11 13:46:35 EDT 2018

I investigated why I wasn't getting any log files from my Shib SP; everything was logging to the console. The default logger files all had their various log4j.appender.*.fileName set to /dev/stdout.  They really looked like developer log files to be honest.

I changed all the log4j.appender.*.filename configs to log to the /var/log/shibboleth directory. I changed the native.logger file to log to the /var/log/shibboleth-www directory.

I am getting a log file in the shibboleth-www directory, but no logging at all in the shibboleth directory.

What's the mechanism by which the various logger files are selected for use? That is, what part of shib says to use native_log or shibd_log?

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