"Proofpoint" integration with Shibboleth.

Cantor, Scott cantor.2 at osu.edu
Wed Jul 11 12:44:27 EDT 2018

> Has anyone here had experience integrating a product called “Proofpoint
> Protection Server” from a company called “Proofpoint Essentials” with
> Shibboleth, or know someone who has?  I’m trying to get some information
> to augment what I’ve gotten from the vendor so far; contact with someone
> who’s already done this would probably fill in the remaining gaps in my
> knowledge.

I did it a few weeks ago (assuming it's the same product), during the course of which I verified they had a comment injection vulnerability that they subsequently patched. They don't support encryption and that has continued to be a sign that you're probably 50/50 going to find them vulnerable.

I haven't done a write up of it. There wasn't anything unusual that I recall, apart from the bug, it was self-service configuration via web interface.

-- Scott

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