Trouble test IdP

Peter Schober peter.schober at
Mon Jul 9 12:28:24 EDT 2018

* Tony Ennis <tennis at> [2018-07-09 18:01]:
> On the test page, I am supposed to type my IdP ID.  I have
> configured and uploaded my metadata file.  Is the entity ID referred
> to below the same entity ID that's in the metadata file, in the
> EntityDescriptor attribute? I rather thought that was my SP's name,
> not an IdP name.

Yes, the entityID in metadata describing your SP only contains your
SP's globaly unique name. Not any IDPs.

> Or perhaps it is the name of the metadata file I uploaded, that I
> was instructed not to forget?


You're probably trying to access the wrong part of TestShib -- it has
both a SAML IDP and a SAML SP, and if you're being asked wher (at what
SAML IDP) you'd like to log in then you're accessing the SP part.
But you're not interested in the SP part of TestShib as you are the
(i.e., another) SP.

> My SP is not running at all yet; I am trying to verify the IdP is
> functional.

The way to do that is with a SAML SP. So either verify the TestShib
IDP using the TestShib SP, or set up your SP and use that one.
Or forget about verifying someone else's system and concentrate on
your own.


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